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Women Empowering

Mainly functions as a consensus organizer. works to empower, educate and sensitize women with leadership qualities. Conscious citizenship and community living is as important as governance for a successful and healthy environ.

Initiated by Times Foundation, WMPP (Women movement for peace and prosperity, Mr. Ram Maheshwari, Mrs. Shakun Narain Kimatrai & Ms. Leena Prabhu). It is an experiment for quality conscious activism towards nation-building. This is a venture aimed at raising a collective body of dedicated women activists, who aim to identify and resolve local and pressing public problems. Thus as a result of this WPF was constituted on March 8, 2005 in Mumbai by a group of women, who had it in them to believe that their active participation in the governing process could bring about the much desired change in the state of affairs.

WPF is a part of this long-term initiative towards nation-building and improving the quality of governance in the country! The forum is a movement aimed at identifying potential women leaders and developing a talent pool so that it can serve as a resource centre for future women politicians.

How often have we felt the need to raise your voice on local and current issues that grip your attention? Quite often, we guess. But lack of a forum whose involvement you can solicit may have acted as a deterrent. Equally disabling is the lack of information on how to make a difference, whom to approach and how to take collective action.

WPF is that platform. This is an accessible forum, which intends to locate and introduce women leaders from within society to represent the problems of their compatriots, holding periodical seminars, conferences, Nukkad Sabhas, Panchyat Sabhas, etc. Thus bridging the gap between the women crusaders and the government.

The forum is primarily keen on building a talent pool of women leaders from within the social echelons by way of holding regular research seminars and field surveys. It will not only spot and train these women but also get them to participate in the political process. The intention, of course, is to ensure the effective participation of women in politics so that the larger issues of a responsive and conscious polity and gender parity are addressed.
We are aware that the task is an onerous one and that the path is strewn with challenges. But then, there has to be a beginning somewhere by someone. We must place on record here that we are aware of the pitfalls of this journey. But the idea is to be able to surmount the obstacles.
The forum further wants to act as a pressure group for women, who are already a part of the political process at the initial stages of their political endeavors/careers. The forum also intends to provide succor to existing women politicians, who could be facing discrimination in their present set-up.


We strongly believe, that governance is the highest form of MBA. It is about managing an entire country! The need is to Bring out the leadership qualities in women to the forefront. Make them aware and motivate them to come out and take politics as a serious option in nation-building. Act as as a make-over-activists.

Aims and Objectives – A Closer Look –

  • Bring right-minded women under one umbrella towards equal participation in government.
  • No affiliation with one single political party but a healthy rapport with all of them.
  • To remove the injustice and inequality faced by women in political life.
  • To eliminate prejudices about women entering politics.
  • Act as a support institution for women from all political parties, who are being used by them but not accorded their due platforms or posts.
  • To create the right understanding about the role of women in politics.
  • Create a benchmark for aspiring politicians.
  • To assess them and organize long and short term training programs as per their needs.
  • Train women politicians according to party needs depending on the candidate’s choice of a political party.
  • Train aspiring candidates so that they don’t fall victim to shrewd and self-centered politicians.
  • Take out a monthly magazine to spread awareness among the women and keep them up-dated and well-informed.
  • Organize a 10-point program for elected and nominated women political candidates.
    • Organize meetings among high-profile and successful women from all sectors, from urban to rural and learn from their experiences.
    • Prepare a role model by analyzing the working style of successful and effective politicians.
    • To form a grievance cell for women politicians based on the lines of the women’s commission to solve their problems.
    • Provide the right opportunity to women in various commissions and governing bodies.
    • To continuously bring to light the difficult situation faced by women at the hands of their male leaders and counterparts.
    • To clear the names of women who have been the target of a character assassination. At the same time, black list those women politicians against whom the allegations are proven to be true.
    • Help women politicians stay alert about their role and objectives.
    • Enable these women to find rightful and justified positions in their parties and in the governing bodies and local institutions.
    • Adhere strictly to the anti-corruption principle in life and infuse politics with this new spirit.
    • Effectively leverage their honesty, integrity and dedication to the mission by proving that clean politics is possible.

To Accomplish this Target – We intend to –

  • Motivate Women to believe that this is a serious option as a career.
  • Explain to them the need of good governance.
  • Reach out to the masses.
  • Help women break the shackles that bind them – We do not intend to coax women to give up their primary responsibilities but encourage them to start thinking of playing a concerted role in improving their own lives and those of their families by participating in the change process.
  • Enable women to become qualified to take up the cudgels of political participation.
  • Help them become confident of raising and solving current and local issues.
  • Enable them to realize their own latent potential.

To Achieve these Goals - what we need to do-

  • Short-term classes for the participating women aspirants.
  • Street plays and theatre workshops.
  • Debates and seminars where the exchange of views and elaborate discussions could inform and educate the women about the area they are about to enter, which is politics.
  • Associate them with like-minded NGOs such as AGNI , Loksatta, NNFI, Focus India, Urja Bharat, etc.
  • Arrange for Documentaries and Skits and outdoor promotional material for distribution in colleges and universities.

Our Target Audience:

  • The 15-20 age groups. Students.
  • The 45plus age group or Women who are through with their familial responsibilities and have the time and the energy besides the focus to strive for a cause.
  • Women with a desire to contribute their energy, expertise, ideas or funds for the Forum – could be of any age group.
  • All the above mentioned participants would be required to spare 5 days a year for the venture and attend our quarterly meetings.