React : Surya Mohini Charitable Trust



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REACT works towards providing rehabilitation, education & creative training to all so that they can be self reliant and live with self respect. It also puts theaters, plays, documentaries, films, etc to sensitise the citizen of the burning issues affecting the society.

Operational objectives

To sensitise and make citizen react to the social abnormalities. To produce theaters, plays, dramas, art competitions, debates, sports, etc.

Training programs

To train & support people to react to issues and to create a better homogenous community by way of theatres, dramas, plays, art competitions, debates, sports, etc.

React Activities

  • Distribution of Medicines and clothes to Leper colonies and Home for Destitutes at Mumbai.
  • Imparted tuitions to children of the Lepers (who are generally shunted from the mainstream of the society).
  • Giving employments to the deaf and dumb girls.
  • Presently giving free vocational training in pottery and leather bags stitching to the BPL segment with the help of KVIC.
  • Helping the helpless and BPL's in getting Ration-cards in Mumbai.
  • Helping the artisans of Bihar as well as stage artists.
  • Encouraging sports in the villages for girls and boys equally.
  • Providing food and nutrition to the BPL childrens



Have run classes in tailoring, embroidery, cookery, bakery, knitting, candle making, batik etc. in various areas for various groups. These classes have been held free of charge for the BPL (below poverty line) segment.


Have worked for the leper colonies helping them get  medication for recovery and simultaneously helped them  to get self-reliant by training them for making candles.  Also trained deaf and dumb girls in socks knitting over  electric machines and provided them work as knitting  operators, cutters, pressers and packers.



 Making of Jute crafts, Napean Sea Road, Mumbai.




Held pottery classes in various villages.