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The home craft cum skill development institute

The home craft institute - teaches home crafts like tailoring, hand crafts, bonsai, cooking, baking, gardening, housekeeping, child-care and nutrition etc. also gives opportunity to those willing to work. Grihasthi is an Organization where Women, especially the disabled and abandoned are taught to make preservatives, jams, pickles, papads, masalas as well as tailoring, crochet, knitting and embroidery.

Operational objectives

To upgrade the skill, creativity & productivity of rural artisans and to provide support for value addition & quality improvement of their products by providing closer interaction with designers, technical and management experts to foster creativity, innovation, quality consciousness & marketability of products.

To provide support in the design and fabrication of prototypes and develop new products; To develop entrepreneurs among the rural youth through advanced skill training in available rural craft practices.

Training programs

Innovative designs & technical development training are given at Surya Mohini Trust craft division in knittings, masonry activities, vermiculture, pottery, cookery, bakery, embroidery, paper mash, paintings, crochet, wood & bamboo crafts, textile craft, leather craft etc.

Promoting the innovators :

Prakti: Smoke less stove

Prakti is developed by a scientist at NASA for the underprivileged homes where LPG is not easily available. Prakti is an advanced smoke less stove which is developed for rural natives which prevents their eyes and lungs getting damaged by the traditional chullhas.