About Us : Surya Mohini Charitable Trust

About Us

Surya Mohini Charitable Trust

Smt. Surya Devi
A Freedom Fighter
Smt. Mohini Sinha
Handicapped Since Age of Nine

Inspired by two very dynamic ladies. Surya Devi, a revolutionary and a freedom fighter. Her anti-government activities forced her husband to resign from his D.M's post during the british rule.

And Mohini Sinha, a literary person, educated at St. Mary's, Lahore (Before partition) supported by her husband, Shri L. P. Sinha (Lulloo Baboo) - dedicated herself in educating the financially handicapped children and women. She herself became physically handicapped due to typhoid relapse at the age of nine.

Seeing the apathy of her mother Smt. Mohini Sinha, and the spirit to stand up against injustice of her mother-in-law, the trust was founded by Smt. Sandhya Sinha and her husband Shri Vijay Sinha in 1981, initially to help handicapped women and girls to become self reliant, but then extended its area of operations amongst other needy people. The trust has three bodies under its umbrella, named Grihasthi, React and Women Political Forum.


Focus: Self reliance

About us: Established in 1990, the trust works towards the upliftment of of women, especially the handicapped and the BPL . The trust has three units by the name of REACT , GRIHASTHI and WPF .
REACT - (Rehabilitation, Education and Creative Training)
Grihasthi - a home craft institute
Women's Political Forum - Empowering women for governance


1. REACT: To train underprivileged boys and girls, into various crafts and impart vocational training in the fields of shorthand, typing, housekeeping, gardening, vermiculture, languages, basic computer skills, socks knitting etc. to enable them to qualify as typists, gardeners, housekeepers, knitting operators, drivers, cooks etc.

2. GRIHASTHI: To train women in the art of making preservatives like, jams, pickles, papads, masalas etc. as well as tailoring , crochet, knitting and embroideries.  To organize exhibitions in order to help exhibit and sell the products of their skills learnt and enable them to make them self reliant.

Family unity and strength needs to be strengthened . In the process, the lure of the towns need to be dampened and village upliftments need to be geared up. And by this process only can we think of our metros to be truly Metros.

Projects: . Imparting professional guidance to the deaf and dumb girls of Vasai Taluka and employing them as per their talent in my socks knitting unit as assistant operators,cutters, pulti girls, packers etc.

What is it that we exactly do for a beneficiary?: help them become self reliant and proud of their existence.

3.WOMEN POLITICAL FORUM: To initiate women into active politics.

To create conscious citizenship with skills & performance.

Surya Mohini Charitable Trust is working for skill development, constructive citizenship, enterprise and empowering women.

Strong fingers makes a strong fist. If the citizens are strong, the country will be strong.